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Just leave it.... I'll do it later.

I sat in my tub last night soaking to help recover from Saturday night's shenanigans. I scanned my bedroom from this vantage point and saw the mile high pile of clean clothes that I laid across the bench in my room on Friday. I had been in too much of a hurry. So, now this ten minute job is still waiting for my attention. 
I know I had ten minutes in that day somewhere, I just prioritized terribly. So, I sat there exhausted in my tub internally scolding myself. This seemingly insurmountable task on Friday was really more of a speed bump. Now, it is probably tenfold the work and time. I'll have to break out the iron for somethings and completely rewash others. I loathe wrinkles. 
I mental face palmed knowing I am already behind in laundry for next week. I chose to grow my marriage on Saturday into Sunday, which means I didn't finish the laundry and what I did get clean, I will have to readdress. I don't regret for a second spending time dating over chores. But, had I co…

Hotel Takeovers

Our Summer was a pretty fun one. We attended three hotel takeovers. The first one is a very small, friends-of-friends kind of takeover that started in someone's home about five or six years ago. They've grown to the point of needing three floors of a boutique hotel. At just under 100 couples, it is much more intimate than the others. So much so, that the first night, we broke into three groups and all ate dinner together. This one was a really great way to kick off our summer. Don't send me DMs asking me about where and when.... I'm not telling. Sorry, guys.
The month of July found us preparing for two Hotel takeovers; Desirous Party's Purgatory and Naughty's Naughty in N'awlins. I'll put the link to their websites at the bottom of this page.
Purgatory came first. (haha. Not that way, you dirty minded motha). This is a three night event with theme nights. They are all based in dream world, or mythology, or the afterlife.... What I should really call thi…

The Pool Party and Milkshakes

Our summer was going very well. We had made several new friends and had enjoyed some very fun and sexy dates.  We were making ourselves comfortable in our little corner of the lifestyle. 
Our friends, Steve and Grace invited us over for a pool party at their house. They told us they were inviting a few other couples and planned to have an evening of swimming, dinner, and some "adult fun." This would be our first house party. We were very excited to go as well as excited to meet new friends. 
We are pretty big Cards Against Humanity fans. We have all of the expansion packs. *I have to shout out to the CAH people. We flooded in 2016 (huge disaster here, like 60% of our parish flooded, 90% of our neighboring parish). We reached out to them to see if there was a way we could replace our cards at a reduced rate if we bought them all at one time. They just gave them to us. So, there's that little bit of good humanity that is completely irrelevant to my story.*
I called Grace …

Chatting and Running

I'm a stickler for completion. I really do not like boxes unchecked, work unfinished, things left and not tied nicely in a neat little bow. This applies to online profiles.  And if you're scratching your head wondering how online profiles and my title go together, be patient. I will tie it up in a nice little bow for you.
We are on a plethora of sites. Pete is responsible for site management, updates, "hunting/fishing," initiating chats, etc. I just do not have the time or the patience for it. There's also the small problem with my inability to keep people straight. (One of the new couples we are chatting with for NIN can attest to this as I recently messaged them that they were a little out of our age range.... except they're not. #wrongcouple #mybad #isuck).

Pete has the big responsibility. I just occasionally surf. I love completed profiles. Ht/wt/age/gender..... All of this stuff is important. If you just answer, "prefer not to say" I assume it&…

Taking One for the Team

Swinging is a team sport. Two people (or ten, depending on how much you love poly) playing together to achieve a common goal - having sexy fun and growing closer together as a couple (or couples...). I have always been anti "taking one for the team." Both Pete and myself are very concerned with the each other's happiness and pleasure that neither one of us want only one of us to have fun. 
I will repeat, I have always been against taking one for the team.....

Until it happened.

So, here's the story:

Pete and I attended a member's only club event a few weeks prior to this date. We met this super hot, super fun, super sweet friend, whom we shall call Kristi. We spent about an hour chatting with her and we both knew we wanted to get to know her and her husband a little better.

The opportunity presented itself a few short weeks later for a club takeover in New Orleans. We messaged our new friends and decided to attend this together with a dinner date before the party…

NIN 2018: The Watchers

We really wanted to attend NIN in 2018. But, with us being bright-eyed-brand-newbies, the thought of us throwing ourselves in with a couple thousand swingers was a bit overwhelming. Luckily, the lifestyle gods smiled down on us and gave us an opportunity to dip the very tips of our toes in that ocean of sexy people. We met a couple online and had been chatting for a few weeks. This couple we shall call Evan and Jenny.

We hit it off really well on kik and started looking at our calendars to arrange a meeting. Lucky for us, we both had an open night the last Saturday of NIN. New Orleans is a halfway point between their city and ours, so of course we had to go there. The Saint was an overflow hotel last year and had available rooms to the general public. Lucky us. This would be our first time staying there. Evan and Jenny decided to book a different hotel down the street from ours, not associated with NIN.

A second couple we had been chatting with for nearly two months hit us up a day o…

Double Ghosted

Pete is the shopper. In other words, he surfs the sites, fields incoming messages, and sets up our activities. He'll show me a couple and I usually assign them into one of three categories:
1. Um, NOPE.   2. I have to meet them.   3. Fuck, YES. I realize many people out there will meet anyone. However, I have to see myself kissing someone in my head. If I can't conjure up this image, the first category is appropriate.

This couple: fake named Penelope and Kade, were in the second category. I needed to meet them. We kik'd them for a week or so. The conversation flowed really well. Excitement was growing for me as I really enjoyed chatting with them. They live about an hour an a half from us. We picked a meeting place for dinner at a restaurant in small town about the halfway mark.

Dinner was beautiful. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I was very happy to have met them. They were much more attractive in real life than in their photos. (Side note, this happens to us more ofte…

A Bust and a Bang

Luckily, nothing works right for us on the first go. We never have very good luck. So, when our first date crashed and burned, we weren't discouraged. We reached out to two other couples. One we found on Kasidie and one on Quiver.

Our Kasidie couple, who we will call Matt and Kendra, were located about 50 miles away. We agreed to a lunch date at a little restaurant they loved close to their home. After an hour or so of travel, we arrived. They were a very nice couple. They looked like their photos on the site. We spent two hours visiting with them. We got in the car, looked at each other and said, "no." While they were a nice couple, we felt like there was a lack of chemistry or excitement to see them again. A few Kiks later and we realized they felt the same. Honesty is our policy.

As for the couple we found on Quiver, Steve and Grace, there was a ton of chemistry. We chatted for about a week via kik. Much of the conversation was focused on the subject of curiosity - b…

Root and AquaMoan


Go to this site and order stuff. I have also listed them under my favorite things at the top of the blog.

I am a self-professed nerd/geek... insert whatever word you want here. I love superheroes. I love movies based on comic books. I am not a comic book reader, but I am a fan of the stories. I also love Best Buy and all things techy.

That being said, this geeky sex toy thing is right up my alley. I told Pete about two that I could not live without. The first one was a limited edition release. If you saw my makeup collection, you'd know I am a sucker for limited releases. I have a shit ton of limited release palattes.

This is the AquaMoan. The blurb on the site reads as follows:
This is by far our favourite toy yet! AquaMoan will exceed your wildest expectations with its high quality platinum silicone, scaly texture and the perfect curves! Equip with a strong suction cup this toy is ready for some underwater action. Let the King of the Seven Seas swim int…

Keith and Stacey

I have no idea why this is the hardest post to write! I have deleted and started again several times. I have walked away and returned, started again and I still hated it. Hopefully I can get something to stick.

We are on a plethora of sites now. But, originally it was just Kasidie (as in the second time around). I picked MrandMrsJones after a song. The song is Me and Mrs Jones, but my phone autocorrected to Mr. and there you have it. Yep, I am a mess on multiple fronts. I can't even pick a screen name without screwing it up! And there you have it. My secret power: FUBAR creator!

So, I have a kik account and we have our Kasidie account, when our first couple hit us up. Actually, the husband hit us up. Actually, he hit me up. Which ends up being a theme. For this blog, I am calling this lovely couple Keith and Stacey.

Keith started chatting with me while Mr. Cajun was at work. This did not make me comfortable. I texted Mr. Cajun, who is actually named Pete, and told him to log into …

Wait, what? Oh, hell no.

Around the same time as all of this affair business was winding down, my husband made a new friend. From time to time, I work with a guy whom we shall call Caleb. Caleb and I chatted pretty frequently when we had the pleasure of working together. I kept telling him that he and my husband needed to meet. They were two peas in a pod. Finally, they did. And I was right, of course. 
They spent some time having drinks and dinner. Boys nights. Once, I got a text message around 2:00 in the morning.... on a Tuesday, "I'm too drunk to Uber. Can you come and get me?" I show up to Caleb's house to find both men on the front porch, arms draped around each other's shoulders and Caleb planting a big, fat one on Mr. Cajun's cheek. This was the night Black Cow Vodka made its grand entrance into our lives. 
No need to say, these two are a mess. And the bromance is strong.
Caleb is who told Mr. Cajun about the ins and outs of the lifestyle. He and his girlfriend, Bethany have…