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Hi. My name is Sara. And I am an MFM advocate.

Where did I leave off.... Oh, right. The blindfold. Darkness. It was a helluva night. Mr. Cajun and John are the bosses at making a woman lose her shit in a good way.   While, this is a sexy blog I'm not typing a play-by-play with intimate details. That's out of my comfort zone. I will give you the gist: Once the blindfold was in place, my comfort level skyrocketed. I was totally about to bolt just before they covered my eyes. Standing there in the kitchen with these two, listening to them talk like old friends, trying to hear what they said over the "get the fuck out of here you crazy ass woman" that was screaming in my head, and trying to at least look relaxed was making me a basket case. BUT, the blindfold fixed all of that. Depriving me of my sight quieted my mind. It also improved my ability to feel, smell, taste, and hear.  Mr. Cajun and I stood there in the kitchen for another minute or so, kissing. John was standing behind me rubbing my back