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Wait, what? Oh, hell no.

Around the same time as all of this affair business was winding down, my husband made a new friend. From time to time, I work with a guy whom we shall call Caleb. Caleb and I chatted pretty frequently when we had the pleasure of working together. I kept telling him that he and my husband needed to meet. They were two peas in a pod. Finally, they did. And I was right, of course. 
They spent some time having drinks and dinner. Boys nights. Once, I got a text message around 2:00 in the morning.... on a Tuesday, "I'm too drunk to Uber. Can you come and get me?" I show up to Caleb's house to find both men on the front porch, arms draped around each other's shoulders and Caleb planting a big, fat one on Mr. Cajun's cheek. This was the night Black Cow Vodka made its grand entrance into our lives. 
No need to say, these two are a mess. And the bromance is strong.
Caleb is who told Mr. Cajun about the ins and outs of the lifestyle. He and his girlfriend, Bethany have…

Hi. My name is Sara. And I am an MFM advocate.

Where did I leave off....
Oh, right. The blindfold. Darkness.
It was a helluva night. Mr. Cajun and John are the bosses at making a woman lose her shit in a good way.  While, this is a sexy blog I'm not typing a play-by-play with intimate details. That's out of my comfort zone. I will give you the gist:
Once the blindfold was in place, my comfort level skyrocketed. I was totally about to bolt just before they covered my eyes. Standing there in the kitchen with these two, surrounded by dimples (Have I mentioned I am a sucker for dimples? They are like boobs to guys for me, I guess. I mean, I'm bi and I love boobs on a woman. But good goddamn! If a guy is hot AND has dimples...… #iamdonefor), listening to them talk like old friends, trying to hear what they said over the "get the fuck out of here you crazy ass woman" screaming in my head, and trying to at least look relaxed was making me a basket case. BUT, the blindfold fixed all of that. Depriving me of my sight …