A Bust and a Bang

Luckily, nothing works right for us on the first go. We never have very good luck. So, when our first date crashed and burned, we weren't discouraged. We reached out to two other couples. One we found on Kasidie and one on Quiver.

Our Kasidie couple, who we will call Matt and Kendra, were located about 50 miles away. We agreed to a lunch date at a little restaurant they loved close to their home. After an hour or so of travel, we arrived. They were a very nice couple. They looked like their photos on the site. We spent two hours visiting with them. We got in the car, looked at each other and said, "no." While they were a nice couple, we felt like there was a lack of chemistry or excitement to see them again. A few Kiks later and we realized they felt the same. Honesty is our policy.

As for the couple we found on Quiver, Steve and Grace, there was a ton of chemistry. We chatted for about a week via kik. Much of the conversation was focused on the subject of curiosity - bi-curiosity.

I had yet to kiss a woman. I really wanted to, but in the life I live, the opportunity has never presented itself. The boring vanilla life is real with this one, y'all. One of the things on my fuck-it list was girl play. Grace was very bi. Some of the pictures she and Steve sent were of her and her college bff. They still hang out with her from time to time for girl play. Grace was all too excited to be my "teacher."

We met them at a well-known, well-loved Mexican restaurant here in town. I was all nerves, as normal on this date. It was our first actual dinner date. We arrived early. Shocker. We're normally the King and Queen of 15 minutes late. We put our name on the waitlist and moved over to an empty spot at the bar. I ordered my signature Martini. Pete ordered his screwdriver. We waited.

In walks Steve and Grace. Instant chemistry. I hugged them both and felt like I was hugging old friends. He is handsome and every bit of 6' 2" and lives in the gym. She is gorgeous with long, blonde, wavy hair and an amazing figure. Pete hugged Grace and he and Steve did the handshake that goes to a bro hug thing. They both order margaritas and we started talking.

Dinner went really well. We had a lot of things in common, including the small community where we live. We both hail from a small suburb of the "big city." In our little neck of the woods, everyone knows almost everyone. The six degrees of Kevin Bacon can shrink down to two degrees. We sat at the table for well over two hours before we decided to move things to the next venue.

The next venue being THE swinger's meeting place. It was the same bar we met Keith and Stacey. As I described in my previous post, it is set up with a large bar in the middle and tables/sofas across the front and down both sides. On the left hand side of the bar, there are doors to go onto the patio. This is also where the restrooms are located; making it the busy side of the bar. I think the other side is what makes it such a popular spot for our type. It is private. There is a sofa at the end of the section with a couple of tables and oversized chairs. The lighting is also, let's say "adjustable." As in, Pete and Steve unscrewed the bulbs in the wall sconces and gave us some low lighting privacy.

Grace and I were both feeling pretty good by the time we got to this bar. The boys were laughing like they'd played ball together in high school or something. To look at us from the outside, you would have never guessed we had only just met. The four of us sat comfortably on the sofa and chairs for the better part of another two hour time block. And then we decided to break another rule. We agreed to go to their house.

This is the part of the story where you might interject horror movie music, but they are normal people. We were sure, because we crossed the taboo line and talked about all kinds of shit. Work, kids, ex-spouses, mutual vanilla friends. (Some of those friends may or may not be swingers, but neither one of us would ever reveal that kind of secret).

We paid our tabs and headed for their new Jeep Rubicon. They had literally just bought it that day. We left our car at the restaurant and opted to ride with them. I think we were as excited for them to have this new toy as they were! On the ride from the restaurant to the bar, we rode in the back and they rode in the front. On the ride from the bar to their house, the ladies rode in the backseat.

This car ride will forever be known as "The Longest Car Ride Ever Known to Man." Steve was driving, Pete was riding shotgun. I sat in the middle as requested by Grace who sat behind Steve. This arrangement is only important because Grace obliterated it. About half way home, Grace jumped in my lap and straddled me. She made sure I could never say, "I've never kissed a woman" again. She and I played the entire way back to their house. I heard Pete tell Steve to get us to their house. I locked eyes with Steve in the rearview, around Grace's head, at one point. He yelled something almost incomprehensible about the ride taking forever. Pete responded with something I can't hear and they both cracked up.

We finally pulled into their driveway and piled out of the Jeep into the house. More wine. Just kidding. I hate wine. More Vodka! And we follow them to a bedroom. Grace and I picked up where we left off. Pete and Steve hang back and observe. I think to myself how much I hope Pete is enjoying himself. This is not really what we had planned. Honestly, we hadn't planned anything past dinner. We had discussed our levels of play. We knew where the boundary lines were drawn, but I had not had a chance to check in with him. At some point, I pulled away and catch his gaze. He gives me the wink and I know he is good.

Grace reached out and pulled Steve over. They know we are swinging virgins here. Steve nods to Pete to follow his lead. Grace and I are on the bed. Pete and Steve are on either side of the bed and the party continues. And then their kid calls.

"Hey mom! I'm 20 minutes out. I'm not going to be late this time!!"

AWESOME. The chronically late teenager picked that night, of all nights to effing be early!

The four of us jump up, get dressed and Pete summons an Uber. They wait with us in the kitchen and we pick up the chatting were we'd left off at the bar. The Uber gets there before the kid and we are in the clear. I just need to say that, for the record, hiding from your kids is a way bigger bitch than I remember hiding from my parents as a teenager.  We were 5 minutes max from our house. We had to Uber 40 minutes back to the restaurant and retrieve our car.

The ride gave us the time needed to unpack the night. What a night.

Steve and Grace are now some of our closest friends. We've hung out together with our kids. Our kids ended up knowing each other, despite going to different schools. We have leaned on each other during bullshit vanilla life crises and some swinger issues, too. I love them both dearly and am very happy to call them friends.


PS. It took me almost a month to get my earrings back. She found them the next day on the floor somewhere between the living room and the bedroom. Oops.


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