Keith and Stacey

I have no idea why this is the hardest post to write! I have deleted and started again several times. I have walked away and returned, started again and I still hated it. Hopefully I can get something to stick.

We are on a plethora of sites now. But, originally it was just Kasidie (as in the second time around). I picked MrandMrsJones after a song. The song is Me and Mrs Jones, but my phone autocorrected to Mr. and there you have it. Yep, I am a mess on multiple fronts. I can't even pick a screen name without screwing it up! And there you have it. My secret power: FUBAR creator!

So, I have a kik account and we have our Kasidie account, when our first couple hit us up. Actually, the husband hit us up. Actually, he hit me up. Which ends up being a theme. For this blog, I am calling this lovely couple Keith and Stacey.

Keith started chatting with me while Mr. Cajun was at work. This did not make me comfortable. I texted Mr. Cajun, who is actually named Pete, and told him to log into our kik and read the messages. He did and the messages were gone. So, I log back in and see the same thing. No messages. Keith and I continued chatting with Pete reading the messages when we were together.

During one of their drinking sessions, Pete told Caleb about the couple. He told him how the husband was quite chatty with me and he was pretty much left out of the communication, as was the other wife. Caleb advised against this. He told Pete that he and Bethany both had their own kik and they only did group or same sex chatting. He never hit up a wife and he hated when guys talked to Bethany without his knowledge. He told Pete about a character they had met and played with a few times. He liked the guy, but he was forever asking Bethany for new pictures and this drove both of them nuts. Caleb encouraged Pete to engage in a four-way chat and Pete took his advice. Welcome to the world of Kik, Pete.

[[  I will insert here that the lifestyle is fluid with restrictions. It is truly a place where "to each his own" is a legitimate thing. Every couple or individual or even group of people have their own rules. To us, we do this gig together. It's our secret hobby and we love enjoying each other while we are each enjoying others. So, chatting alone is not fun for us. ]]

I added Pete's new Kik to the chat with Keith and he added his lovely bride, Stacey. We exchanged face pictures. And then they dropped off the chat for a couple of days. Messages were read and no reply was received. I'm old school, so if you're not talking to me, I'm not wasting my time. And then, they popped back in with an explanation. Stacey thought she had recognized me from work! Come to find out, I did work at the same place as she does, but a different department. And I resigned for my current position a few years prior. We chatted even more now, especially since she and I had something in common. This would not be the last time I ran into a coworker. Again, that's for another post.

We penciled in a meet date for almost a week out. It was literally the first day all four of us were free. And it was a Tuesday. Pete and I were excited for our first date. It was pretty much the topic of our conversation, non stop. All of this build up and we were finally getting to meet a real life couple in the LS (other than Caleb and Bethany).

The day of the meet, we lied to our kids and told them I was meeting a client and dragging dad with me. We told Keith and Stacey to pick the place. Funny thing, we tell that to everyone, and everyone picks the same damn place. We've now dubbed it the swinger hook-up joint.

I think I changed clothes 50 times before we left. I knew I wanted to show a little more skin than my reserved self normally did, but I did not want to be obvious. It was still a vanilla place of business and I could run into anyone there. I settled on a denim mini skirt and a top that had just a little lower plunge than it should have. Pete was nervous, too. He never doubts an outfit. He changed his shirt twice. Dark jeans and a collared shirt. Guys really have it easy.

We arrive to the restaurant, just as they did. I spotted them as we approached and said hello to Stacey. She smiled big and hugged me tight. Keith leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. Pete hugged her and shook his hand.

The restaurant has two rooms. One is more of a restaurant feel with tables centered around a small bar. The other room feels more like a speak easy or pub. The bar takes up much of the room. There are high top tables and sofa seating surrounding the bar. In the front corner near the door is a place for an entertainer. They always have a guy in there playing something on the weekends. We felt like the second room had a better vibe for drinks and chatting.

We grab a table farthest away from the door as it offered the most privacy. The waitress, whose name is so cute and I will not disclose, will get to know us very well over the next few months. I also have a secret crush on her and until recently, when she finally revealed she was married, I had been working up the courage to pick her up.

Anyway. She's so damn cute.

The four of us hit it off, pretty well. We let them take the lead in the conversation. We had a lot in common with them. They lived a few minutes from us. We realized our kids went to the same school. They both ran. He had recently completed his first ironman and had gotten a tattoo to mark the occasion. We talked for the better part of two hours. I did find that they asked more  questions about our professional lives than I would have anticipated, but since Stacey and I had already crossed the "employment" line, I did not mind talking about work with them.  She was interested in what I was doing with myself since I had left. I really enjoyed talking to her. She really is a kind soul.

Everything was going really well. Until it wasn't. Keith looks at me and says, "Do you know Caleb …….?"

Excuse me? Do I know who? I asked, mostly in disbelief.

He repeated the name and added his girlfriend's name this time, as well. When I did not answer immediately, he follows it up with, "They're in the lifestyle. He would probably be a great resource for you!!" He seemed to be proud of himself for making the connection and giving me a like-minded person to call on.

Except I already know Caleb. As I said in my earlier post, we sort of work together. He owns a company that is one of my vendors. I know him very well. As does my husband.

I lie. "No, I don't know them. But, they sound really nice."

Date's over. I check my phone and look at Pete and tell him I've received a text message from the sitter and we are needed at home. I was so shocked, I did not know what else to do. I just wanted out. If he would out my friend, he would out anyone, including me. We had to go. I was pissed for my friend and pissed that the guy had to be such a douche.

DISCRETION. They did not have it. And in my mind, it is the only rule in the lifestyle that is not negotiable. You never drop a name. NEVER.

We say goodbye. They tell us they've had a great time and they would like to get together soon. I tell them that we are pretty busy for the next few weeks, but I would kik them.

We get in the car and I text Bethany and Caleb. In order to keep this blog short and sweet, I will just say we met for drinks a few days later and told them the whole story. Caleb was pissed. He told Pete, "this is the guy who is always kik'ing Bethany on the side and asking for pictures".

Long, long story short. Since then, Keith has hit me up for pictures individually at least a dozen times. We've had to tell them we are not in the lifestyle anymore because me telling him we aren't interested did not seem to get through to him. Caleb had to do something similar. Needless to say, none of us talk to him anymore.

The first date crashed and burned. We weren't discouraged, though. Good thing, too. Because our second date was a fucking blast. But, that's for the next post.



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