NIN 2018: The Watchers

We really wanted to attend NIN in 2018. But, with us being bright-eyed-brand-newbies, the thought of us throwing ourselves in with a couple thousand swingers was a bit overwhelming. Luckily, the lifestyle gods smiled down on us and gave us an opportunity to dip the very tips of our toes in that ocean of sexy people. We met a couple online and had been chatting for a few weeks. This couple we shall call Evan and Jenny.

We hit it off really well on kik and started looking at our calendars to arrange a meeting. Lucky for us, we both had an open night the last Saturday of NIN. New Orleans is a halfway point between their city and ours, so of course we had to go there. The Saint was an overflow hotel last year and had available rooms to the general public. Lucky us. This would be our first time staying there. Evan and Jenny decided to book a different hotel down the street from ours, not associated with NIN.

A second couple we had been chatting with for nearly two months hit us up a day or so before we were to meet Evan and Jenny. They told us they were going to stay the night in the city and check out Colette's for the first time. We told them we were meeting a couple there, but to stay in touch and hopefully they could join us for drinks. They were younger than me by almost 10 years, meaning nearly 20 for Pete. We had thoroughly enjoyed talking to them, though and were excited to meet them, too.

We made the drive to New Orleans and check-in at the Saint. Let me just take a moment to plug this hotel. It. Is. Hot. In the lobby, you are greeted with ceiling-to-floor flowing curtains, your choice of angel wing chairs (sinner or saint), a pole, an OVERSIZED red chair, a billiards table, and one of the coolest hotel bars around. The rooms are decorated with mirrors, sleek, modern furniture, and one of two themes: "Sleep Saintly" or "Play Naughty." I mean, seriously, this place was made for swingers. Stay there, you'll get some great action shots, thanks to the mirrors. I promise.

We drop our stuff in the room and set it up for play. Either this date is working out, or Pete and I are going to have amazing hotel sex. Either way, win/win. Red lightbulbs replace the clear ones in the lamps, liberator blankets are put in place, we set up a mini bar with the alcohol and water we brought, toys are placed strategically around the room with handcuffs, blindfolds, floggers.... you get the idea. Lastly, we set up our speaker, pop a Wallflower in an outlet near the bed, bump the thermostat up out of the arctic level it was on, and tuck the remainder of the luggage in the closet. No condoms yet. We were a soft swap couple only here. Upon returning, the room would hit all of the senses to help accentuate the mood: warmth, good smells, inviting sights, romantic sounds, and cool taste.

We jumped on the elevator and join another couple. He was in shorts and a t-shirt. She was in pigtails, a tank, a tutu, and a pair of cutoffs. They were wearing naughty lanyards. They were smiling from ear to ear. I'm instantly a little jealous. "Y'all are here for Naughty!!!" I gush.

"Yes!! It's been so much fun!! Haven't you guys just LOVED EVERY SECOND!!??" the wife responded.

I tell her we are just watching this year, but we are hoping to go next year. The elevator stopped. She tells us not to miss it for the world, blows us a kiss and prance off the elevator, hand-in-hand with her husband. They were absolutely precious. I wanted to go at that minute just to hang out with them. There was no way they were not a full-on, complete blast to party with.

Off we head to the restaurant located in their hotel. This is one of the cool things about New Orleans, hotels have very good restaurants. If you visit the city, don't bypass a restaurant or bar because it's in a hotel. You won't likely be disappointed wherever you choose to eat or drink.

We were not disappointed putting a face with a screen name on these two! They were a hot couple! And all of their sensuality was made exponentially better by how they treated each other. You could tell they really love each other, that is our MOST favorite characteristic of couples we meet.

We spent the next two and a half hours sucking up the a/c at a little table in the back. Drinks easily wash down a delicious meal. Conversation is flowing, laughter is loud, and the sexy is heavy. Pete winks at me. I smile back. He looks across the table to Evan and tells him it's probably a good time to get the check. Evan glances at Jenny and she nods. All four adults are in.

We chat as we make our way out of the restaurant and decide to head back to the Saint. We planned to people watch and soak up as much naughty as we can from the side line. Our other friends kik us and tell us they are close and will soon be headed to Colette's. We tell them to meet us at the bar in the Saint.

The four of us order drinks and opt listen to the live band in the bar from the lobby. Our younger friends join us. The six of us chat openly and freely about relationships, sex, the lifestyle, likes, dislikes, and all things not related to normal everyday life. Another hour passes and our young friends hug us all goodbye head to Colette's.

The four of us walk to the bar and refill our drinks again. People are starting to trickle in, many in groups of four. *wink wink* Several stop and chat with us as they make their way through the lobby. No one makes NIN look like something you do not want to attend. On the contrary, they make it seem better than I could have imagined. Fun, wild, sexy, or any other adverb you would like to throw in there that means "a good lifestyle time."

We were having so much fun in the lobby, the time passed pretty quickly. It was almost 1:AM before we realized it. I took Jenny by the hand, pulled her up off of the sofa, and asked if they would like to see our room. She smiled, said "no, I don't think so. I'm kind of tired."

I was not sure what to do at that point.

She read the look on my face and fell out laughing. "I'm KIDDING!!! Let's GEAUX!"

I'm sure I was beat red. Pete smacked her butt and we head to the elevator laughing our asses off.

I cue up the playlist as we walk in the door and my Bluetooth speaker sends the sounds of The Weeknd through the room. They seem a little taken aback at the set up. Clearly impressed, Evan tells me there is no way this is our first hotel date. I giggle and tell him, that it really is. This is just a norm for us at home. I like the production. As a woman, flipping from mom mode to milf mode takes some work. For me, the auditory help of music and the scents of a sensual aroma are a sure thing. And no one likes bright lights for sexy time.

A very hot soft swap commences. We played for quite some time. We really enjoyed ourselves. They did as well. It was a night for the books. Details to be left to the imagination.

We kissed them goodbye and they headed out, shoes, bag, and a random collection of clothing in their hands. A walk of shame in New Orleans at 3 or 4 in the morning is not really something remarkable. However, I will say a change of clothes in that swinger bag is a good idea. If you're coming to NIN this year and think you're going to have to make that trip from one hotel, down Canal Street to the other, I suggest you ladies add a pair of comfy shorts, a t-shirt, panties, and a pair of flip-flops to your bag. Think comfy, not fancy.

Evan and Jenny are close friends of ours now, who we cherish. He is the "Mr. Clean" I credit from time-to-time on Twitter. They have important grown-up jobs and they get up at the literal ass crack of dawn. They, along with Grace and Steve and us are a group of six lifestylers that don't get to hang out as often as we should. But we have a pretty awesome group text going. Evan wakes us all up most mornings with a funny, lifestyle related meme. I can't lie, I do love my do not disturb feature. He even gets up early on Saturdays!

If you haven't signed up for NIN, you should check it out! We are going for the first time this year, and I am counting down the days. I can't wait to be that chick on the elevator with the pigtails! I so hope they come back this year and I see them again.


PS: Here's the link to NIN


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