Root and AquaMoan 

Go to this site and order stuff. I have also listed them under my favorite things at the top of the blog.

I am a self-professed nerd/geek... insert whatever word you want here. I love superheroes. I love movies based on comic books. I am not a comic book reader, but I am a fan of the stories. I also love Best Buy and all things techy.

That being said, this geeky sex toy thing is right up my alley. I told Pete about two that I could not live without. The first one was a limited edition release. If you saw my makeup collection, you'd know I am a sucker for limited releases. I have a shit ton of limited release palattes.

This is the AquaMoan. The blurb on the site reads as follows:

This is by far our favourite toy yet! AquaMoan will exceed your wildest expectations with its high quality platinum silicone, scaly texture and the perfect curves! Equip with a strong suction cup this toy is ready for some underwater action. Let the King of the Seven Seas swim into the deepest darkest depths of your downstairs today!

Only 500 of these will ever exist! Each AquaMoan toy comes with a unique certificate showing which number dildo you have purchased. Get in quick so you don’t miss out!!!
Let me just say, they do not lie. The curve in the toy gives you a filling sensation. The scales are rigid and the shaft is hard. I hit those keys really hard when I typed the word "hard" to try and convey the stiffness here, but obviously, that effect is lost. There are only 43 of this dildo left as of when I am writing this blog. So, if you want one, order it. 

The second toy I HAD to have was Root. 

See Root's tree trunk? You can feel aaaallll of that. So many things that are "ribbed for pleasure" really don't offer much pleasure. The ridges are not stiff enough to give much enjoyment. This is not the case with Root. He is hard. (hitting the keys really hard, here.) According to the site:

Root boasts a long branchy 8 inch shaft and is made out of a firm medical grade silicone. Let it’s woody texture grow your orgasms to new and exciting level.

At $69, I think this is a bargain. I recently paid well over $100 for a Bluetooth rabbit that didn't do jack for me and is now in the trash. Root has no Bluetooth, battery or anything and it had no problem making this girl go nuts.

The only problem with these toys is when I was recently walking down the toy isle in search of a gift for my friend's kid, the site of Groot made me giggle. And AquaMan pretty much has the same affect. A giggle and a moan.

I think the Star Load and the Darth Vibrator will be my next purchases. I can't wait!



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