Hotel Takeovers

Our Summer was a pretty fun one. We attended three hotel takeovers. The first one is a very small, friends-of-friends kind of takeover that started in someone's home about five or six years ago. They've grown to the point of needing three floors of a boutique hotel. At just under 100 couples, it is much more intimate than the others. So much so, that the first night, we broke into three groups and all ate dinner together. This one was a really great way to kick off our summer. Don't send me DMs asking me about where and when.... I'm not telling. Sorry, guys.

The month of July found us preparing for two Hotel takeovers; Desirous Party's Purgatory and Naughty's Naughty in N'awlins. I'll put the link to their websites at the bottom of this page.

Purgatory came first. (haha. Not that way, you dirty minded motha). This is a three night event with theme nights. They are all based in dream world, or mythology, or the afterlife.... What I should really call this bitch is a bomb ass party that lasts three effing days. 

Our schedule for this weekend pretty much consisted of:
Thursday - drive to H-town. Arrive at 4. Rest and get ready. Lobby for 8:00. Checked in to party.... commenced partying in one of two ball rooms until 2:00. After party until 5:30. Room party until whatever fucking time that was that we finally passed out. 

Friday - Slept till 2. Wake up. Pool until 6.  Uber eats dinner, or lunch, or I have no clue.... just food, dammit! Lobby for 9. Party in one of two ballrooms until 2:00. After party until 5. Room party until.....

Saturday - see above

Sunday - Sleep until checkout time.... throw all of our shit in the 8,348 bags it takes to get two swinger couples through a weekend and roll back to LA with a stop at Bucee's!

There are no classes. There are no events. It's a party. It was amazing. The crowd here is a little younger. I would say average age is 30's-early 40's. It is a party crowd. One ballroom was an EDM party. The other was a pretty awesome club mix. There was an open bar in the middle with some phot ops set up. They even had one of those new fancy photo booths that look like a mirror. 

As far as the costumes, don't come if you don't bring your A game. I'm talking a full festival/rave with leather, feathers, sequins, straps, show-stopping costume game. Guys..... no jeans. Ya gonna need to get some booty shorts!! 

Take a deep breath..... there are a few people who don't get into the costumes, and that's totally fine. But if you want to go all out here, you totally can. 

The pool - amazing. They even supplied us noodles! There was a VIP section with covered chairs and drink service. The pool was large and held our crew nicely. There was also a DJ.... it is a party.

I recently posted a picture of "our tribe" on Twitter. That picture was taken on the last night of Purgatory. Truth be told it was a mix of three different tribes. That was the other cool thing about this party. A lot of folks came with friends. We had a group of eight. Four of us even rode together. That was a pretty normal thing to find. There were a ton of solo couples, but also a good number of groups.

The only negative things I really have to say have more to do with the fact that this was the first year this group used this hotel. Check in was a bit hectic and we had to wait a little while for a room. Now that the hotel understands the dynamics of this huge group, they'll have that fixed. And really and truly, it's not a big deal. More of a hiccup.... a hiccup that allowed me to pregame in the lobby bar, so I'm really not complaining. 

They are also planning to front end load the party a little bit this year. The Thursday night party was fun, but it was not as nearly as wild as the other two nights. They listened to feedback and they are BOOSTING that first night. I am expecting unicorns to rain from the sky with these guys... not girls, but actual unicorns. They are that good. lol....

As for the site, there is a website associated with this party. They have a chat on the app so you can connect with others going prior to the party. We didn't use this feature much, so I can't comment on how helpful it was with meeting people.

We are already registered for next year. So is almost everyone who went last year, including our friends. I am also already excited for this party!

Next up on our calendar.... 11 days later, we headed down the road to New Orleans for a Wednesday check-in to Naughty.

There were a bunch of reasons we were pumped to go to Naughty. One of those reasons had to do with the meet-before-you-go feature on the NIN website. We met some really amazing couples on this site and talked to them for a while leading up to NIN. We could not wait to meet them!

The other reason we were excited is we are big into podcasts. If you read my early blogs, you'll remember this is how we got familiar with the LS before diving in. (Those pages are down right now. I am even wrinkling my nose as I type this because I don't know when I'm going to put them back up. It's a thing. I won't get into it. One day, though...)

There were SO MANY podcasters there!! They all do such a great job at painting the LS in a positive light. There are so many misconceptions about what we do and why we do it. I just admire them for putting themselves out there and promoting this amazing thing we do.

Along with the podcasters, we also love some bloggers out there. It was great to put faces with all of these personalities. We made a ton of new friends at NIN.

NIN is not a party. It is a convention complete with classes, discussion panels, and product reviews. 

There are parties, though. I mean this is NOLA for crying out loud. Church is a party here. Funerals are, too. You can't have a swinger convention without a bunch of  big ass parties!

If day drinking is your thing, you can do that. There are complete bar takeovers all day long on Bourbon Street. You just need you badge to get you in and your money to get you drunk. But remember, pace yourself. Don't sit next to a local and try to out drink him. We have different livers here. You won't win. You'll be that guy, laying in urine on the side of the street. Just pace yourself. And hydrate between. You'll be fine. 

If you want to further your marriage, you can go to class. Everything from how to give a better bj, to how to take sexy pictures, erotic massage, communications...… all sorts of stuff to learn. 

My favorite "meeting" was the one my girl from 8th House Astrology held. She is the real deal in astrology, not a cookie cutter.... "You're an Aries". We are actually so much more than our sun sign. Pete and I had a reading done. Pretty amazing looking at my stars and my husband's stars and seeing our life path in them. Her link is at the bottom, as well.

New Orleans is home to some of the best eateries in the country. Here's my tip: Find the hole in wall, eat there. For me, it was either Felix's or this pizza by the slice place on Bourbon. I'm easy to please. Carbs and oysters.

For the nighttime entertainment, there were also two dance halls. One ballroom had a DJ pumping out your favorite club sound while the other mixed EDM. Neither dance floor seemed as packed as they were at Purgatory, but they weren't empty. I am way more of an EDM lover than anything else, so I pretty much stayed planted in the one room, venturing over only occasionally to the other side.

In the hotel halls outside of the ballrooms were all of the vendors, bloggers, and podcasters. This was a really cool thing to be able to walk down the hall and chat with everyone. This was always crowded. On Saturday night, the halls could have been double the size and they still would not have been big enough. This is when the enormity of NIN set in on me. I knew there were a ton of people. I did not realize how many until Saturday night.

The second floor was entirely play rooms. We went and toured them during the day. They did a really good job setting them up. Everything looked beautiful. The rule for this floor is no street clothes. Here's the best part about costumes and having your husband participate: Our costumes qualified us for the floor! Otherwise, you gotta strip, people. My review of the playrooms is going to be short. It was way crowded, and not our scene. We left shortly after arriving. That is all.

The costumes were not quite as played up for NIN as they were at Purgatory, especially the guys. The ones who did do it up, did it right and they looked great!!! This was my first year, but my impression was that this is a growing thing. I think next year, it will be a bigger deal.

I noticed the crowd for NIN seemed a little older than Purgatory, with what I would estimate a mean age of mid 40's to late 50's.

The Astor is a beautiful hotel. I do think we wipe out the pool's ability to be inhabited within the first few hours of NIN, or at least that is what I heard. I did not pack a suit for NIN, so I did not even go look.

The last benefit of NIN is one free night and a few discounted nights into Colette's. Wednesday night was a great night for us to use the free night. Definitely check it out if you attend.

Registration is open for NIN now. We haven't decided if we are going. There is a Miami thing and a couple of festivals that we are weighing attending. Hopefully, we can decide by the first of the year. It was way fun and I totally want to go again!!!


Desirous Party - Purgatory

Naughty - Naught in N'awlins

8th House Astrology


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