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Happy Halloween

Halloween is totally my favorite time of year. I am obsessed with costumes. Probably a bit over the top, but we are all allowed to enjoy certain parts of life a little more than we should, right?
This year we will be celebrating Halloween with VooDoo Fest and after that, who knows... Colette's? Hells Gala? Bourbon? No telling, but we will be out in full costume!
Last year, our only plans for Halloween was the Ed Sheeran concert (which was AMAZING). And then we virtually met our friends Nick and Bailey on a dating website. We had been chatting with them off and on for a few weeks when they told us they would be going to Colette's for Halloween. We decided we would go, too. They were meeting another couple and we did not want to impose, so we just told them we would wave, put a face with a name, and move on. 
We arrived at Colette's to find it PACKED. We had been there before on several occasions and never had to push through the crowds. That was the case for Halloween. Litera…