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Excuse Me Sir, Your Wife Has Been Drugged. Part Two.

Now, let’s see…. Where was I?

Oh, right. We had made the decision that the environment was the vibe killer with our new friends, Aaron and Penny, and not Aaron and penny. We continued messaging with them for the next couple of weeks and planned a second date. I made a total mistake in those chat sessions promising what ACT II of that second date would be like.

So, I’m thinking on the next date, we just do dinner and then head to the hotel Is what I sent out. What the actual hell was I thinking then? I had not even kissed them on the first date! (Shocker, I know). What if they had sucked. I’m sorry. If you suck at kissing, we can’t play. Hard limit.

At that time, we had not really played that much. I really wanted to experience all the lifestyle had to offer as quickly as possible. In my mind, that was how that date was supposed to play out. I mean, we had enjoyed their company. As far away from the first date that I had gotten, I had pretty much convinced myself that the problem last…

Excuse Me Sir, Your Wife Has Been Drugged. Part One

Sometimes, you don’t have great chemistry on the first date. Sometimes that’s for a reason!

Pete and I met another couple online, Aaron and Penny. Pete and Aaron had already chatted for a while and then they invited the ladies to join. We had a lot in common with this couple and we thoroughly enjoyed chatting with them.

We texted frequently for nearly two months before we had a free date open to meet. We were in the early months of our lifestyle adventure, and we were very much enjoying the “dating scene” of the lifestyle.

Our plans were simple. And typical. We met for dinner and then we would see where the night led us. One of the restaurants I frequent in New Orleans is Gordon Biersch in Fulton Street Square. It’s a chain restaurant, but it is must see if you like beer. Oddly enough, I do not! I just love the atmosphere here and the food is really good.

We were coming off of a string of successful nights out and we had some high hopes for meeting this couple! I could write an enti…