Excuse Me Sir, Your Wife Has Been Drugged. Part Two.

Now, let’s see…. Where was I?

Oh, right. We had made the decision that the environment was the vibe killer with our new friends, Aaron and Penny, and not Aaron and penny. We continued messaging with them for the next couple of weeks and planned a second date. I made a total mistake in those chat sessions promising what ACT II of that second date would be like.

So, I’m thinking on the next date, we just do dinner and then head to the hotel Is what I sent out. What the actual hell was I thinking then? I had not even kissed them on the first date! (Shocker, I know). What if they had sucked. I’m sorry. If you suck at kissing, we can’t play. Hard limit.

At that time, we had not really played that much. I really wanted to experience all the lifestyle had to offer as quickly as possible. In my mind, that was how that date was supposed to play out. I mean, we had enjoyed their company. As far away from the first date that I had gotten, I had pretty much convinced myself that the problem last time was with the club, not them.

We planned to attend a club take over on Bourbon street. Another first for us. We had no idea what to expect. On our way there, our best friends, Caleb and Bethany texted us and said they were meeting a couple there for their second date, as well. We were very excited to find out that they would be there. I messaged Penny and let her know we had friends that were going to be there. She replied that she was excited to meet them!

We made it to the club just as Aaron and Penny were paying the cover and checking in. We were some of the first guests there. We exchanged hugs and headed to the bar. We ordered a round of drinks and talked for a while as others were arriving. I noticed that Aaron never really paid much attention to Penny. He never touched her. And he rarely looked at her when she was speaking.

The crowd started to get pretty heavy and we made our way to the dance floor. Pete and Penny danced as did Aaron and myself. I dance pretty much everywhere. I moved from Pete to Aaron and back, danced with Penny, danced with strangers, back to Pete or Aaron. Again, I noticed they would dance, but never really touch. I started to pick up a vibe. Not a good one.

About that time, Caleb and Bethany popped in. They were there with their friends Wes and Lisa. We all hugged hellos and the eight of us headed to the dance floor. About 15 minutes in, Caleb, who has never been known as boring says, “Hey! Let’s go to the Beach!” and the three others in their group said “hell yes, let’s go to the Beach” and they hugged us and were off!

Penny and Aaron asked us if we wanted to go with our friends. They said they were really good with whatever, and thought we should at least go check it out. So, we headed out and down the stairs behind the four others.

As we walked to the Beach, I grabbed Pete and checked in with him. I told him how I was getting an odd feeling from Aaron and Penny. We talked about their lack of affection toward each other and how that was really turning both of us off. We continued to the Beach and decided to just enjoy the rest of our night, not realizing it was about to get weird.

Caleb is out of control, and partying at the Beach isn’t good enough. He had to invade the VIP. The next thing I know, he’s shoving the seven of us up the stairs as the bouncers pulling the ropes down, bartenders were buzzing around us, liquor starts pouring….. Out. Of. Control. 

We spent the next couple of hours there dancing and partying either in the VIP area or down on the dance floor. The theme of Aaron and Penny being the least sexually charged people toward each other remained. This was so strange as Penny was the one that told me they could not even make it home from dates without stopping on the side of the road to have sex!! They would literally fuck on the side of the interstate or something because she was too horny to wait! And here they are now, he would barely pay her any attention.  

I also realized that this is how they had been on the first date as well. That’s when the light bulb moment happened. The chemistry was off on our first date because it was DEAD between them.

For the record: NOTHING turns me on more than a couple that just can’t breathe without each other. I want to see that the couple we are with are happy, solid, and put each other first. That is so hot. I love seeing a man just go nuts over his wife. The more he is smitten with her, the more I am interested in him. I have no idea why, but I am in love with love and seeing it between to people just lights up the room for me.

Penny headed off to the bathroom at some point. I offered to go with her and she declined.

A little while passed by and Pete told me to go check on her. I headed down to the bathroom. No Penny. I returned and told Pete that she was not in there and I could not find her anywhere. This bar is not a place you need to take a friend with you. The bathroom is literally in the middle of the bar and the door is almost intrusive into the area by the bar. There is nowhere between us and the bathroom that she could go missing.

Pete walked over to Aaron and told him that Penny had not returned from the bathroom and I was unable to locate her. Aaron’s response was surprising. He was almost disgusted that he had to leave as he responded with, “I’ll go find her” and he headed down the stairs.

A little while later, neither one of them had returned and none of us could see either of them from our second story vantage point. Pete headed down the stairs and found Aaron leaning up against one of the poles. He followed his gaze to find Penny standing at the bar between two men who were talking to her and were being very handsy with her. He asked him if she was ok.

Aaron responded, “I don’t know, I’m just watching to see what she does.”

Pete walked directly to Penny and said, “Are you ok.” She just kind of stared at him, and he asked her again, “are you ok with this?”

She shook her head “no.”

Pete stepped in between Penny and one of the guys, put his arm around her, and escorted her away from the two douche bags and toward Aaron.

Aaron met Pete about halfway. Pete handed her off and told him that Penny was not really as coherent as she should be. Aaron said he had her and he would take her back to the hotel.  Pete asked if they would be ok and Aaron assured him that they would be fine. They said a quick goodnight and
Pete returned to me and updated me on what happened. I could not believe Aaron sat there and watched his wife essentially be assaulted.

They messaged us later that night to let us know they were in the room and then the next day to say that she was ok and feeling much better.

Needless to say though, there has not been a third date. I am not sure that someone didn’t slip her something in her drink. I have no idea how she ended up chatting with those guys. I have no idea how she went from nearly sober to not being able to walk independently within a 15 or 20-minute window.

What I do know is we learned a lot from this couple. Things like we need to trust our gut. We knew there was something off after the first date. I shudder to think what would have happened had we not found Penny when we did. On a less scary note, what if Bethany and Caleb not showed up and shifted our whole plan. Being the desperate adventurer that I was, I may have ignored all of those warning signs and did exactly what I talked about doing – headed back to the hotel. How miserable would that play session have been?

That brings me to learning what not to say in a chat! And not to have expectations…yet again. That lesson keeps popping up. I have two other stories to tell with THE EXACT SAME LESSON. Although, I think I am finally understanding the meaning. “At least she’s cute” is Caleb’s favorite thing to say about me, so I’m probably a little slow sometimes. Lol.

The point of not having expectations is to not try to force the experience, but to just enjoy the experience, whatever that may be.

Until next time.



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