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Catfishing? Or Social Media Norm?

I am scrolling Twitter tonight and I see a few of my fellow Tweeters talking about LS pre-event chat groups. My beautiful FL friend posted a question about personalities in a group chat and how they can vary from reality. Additionally, there are many types of personalities that really don't shine well through these chats, me being one of those people.

I rarely chat and almost never group chat. I hate texting. I hate phone calls, too really. I like face to face dialogue. So, if you only know about me what you've learned in a chat, you know my name is Sara.

This thread lead to a question of whether or not one gender is more infamous for catfishing over another.

Obviously I have more than 280 characters. so, I'm responding with this blog. You're welcome - sang like the Rock in Moana.

Let's just admit that the world, or at least the part of the world lucky or unlucky, depending on how you view it, enough to have the internet and social media, as a whole catfishes to so…