Catfishing? Or Social Media Norm?

I am scrolling Twitter tonight and I see a few of my fellow Tweeters talking about LS pre-event chat groups. My beautiful FL friend posted a question about personalities in a group chat and how they can vary from reality. Additionally, there are many types of personalities that really don't shine well through these chats, me being one of those people.

I rarely chat and almost never group chat. I hate texting. I hate phone calls, too really. I like face to face dialogue. So, if you only know about me what you've learned in a chat, you know my name is Sara.

This thread lead to a question of whether or not one gender is more infamous for catfishing over another.

Obviously I have more than 280 characters. so, I'm responding with this blog. You're welcome - sang like the Rock in Moana.

Let's just admit that the world, or at least the part of the world lucky or unlucky, depending on how you view it, enough to have the internet and social media, as a whole catfishes to some extent or another.

What do you mean, Sara.... I NEVER catfish.

Bullshit, Karen.

UD defines the word catfish with A fake or stolen online identity created or used for the purposes of beginning a deceptive relationship.

If you use the word "relationship" loosely to include not only a romantic relationship, but also, friendships then people do this all of the time.

We post pictures of our kids with their awards and brag about their A's. But we leave off that D in English and pretend like they aren't struggling to survive in Geography.

Our family pictures are all clean clothes and smiles. Photos from vacations we take and events we attend cover our virtual walls. Everyone LOVES each other and life is amazing.

No one post a picture of the phone they threw through the sheetrock because they lost their shit when their kid asked them for the 392nd time to watch Caillou. I mean, seriously.

Women have a chin limit in every photo. Men puff up their chests. Mom selfies are a thing. So are filters. Our posture is on point in selfies. But, we're in our phones so much, we actually hunch.

Everything is on a bell curve. Most people just show the "best part" of their life. There are a few people out there who share everything and they actually put their whole self out there. They have no filters and they allow you into any dark corner of their life.
And there are those who have a complete fake identity, as in what most people think of when they hear the term. Catfish.

I think the problem isn't what people put on social media. I think the problem is what people choose to believe and then make judgments about themselves on what they see.

She's so perfect, I'm failing here. Or the opposite. Man, she's falling apart, her life is shit! I could do that so much better!!

Or when you're in a chat and you think someone won't like you, so you never give them the chance to meet you in person. When in reality, you would have totally hit it off!

Catfishing is everywhere. The only way to avoid it is to hold forming an opinion until your have a personal interaction.

And that's all I have to say about that!



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