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I'm too scared....

Forewarning: I'm blogging from the passenger seat as Pete navigates us to our favorite city. We have a date!

But, that's for another blog. Point of the forewarning: the spelling in here may suck. And some words my be obliterated by autocorrect. But, fuck it. I have so much to say.

Today I was supposed to ship my friend the stripper pole she left in our hotel room at the last hotel party we went to. It didn't make it in the mail. The crazy thing here isn't the obvious. It's the friend.

I saw her and her bestfriend and their husbands at the first hotel takeover I ever attended,  a little under a year ago. I laid eyes on these two women and felt my breath catch.

All I felt was intimidation. There aren't very many things that intimidate me. And then there's really strong, edgy, beautiful women. These two women. I wasn't scared of them. I assumed that they wouldn't like me. I'm strawberry shortcake in pasties. Their that hot alien killer character in…