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The Reality of Regret

  Where did you go? Well, I let the environment affect me. I live in Southeast Louisiana. We seem to, for the most part, do things a little different here. There are people here who spew hate every chance they get. But, overall, this community is one of acceptance, while judgement falls by the wayside like junk Mardi Beads at Endymion. Work is grueling and Covid doubled down on that. My industry boomed when everyone else’s was shutting down. Work went from 50-60 hours a week to 80-90 hours a week. I found little time to decompress and absolutely no where to do that. My normal escape from the everyday stress of life and work was the lifestyle. Not like sex therapy where I would have someone pound away on me, beating the stress out of me. But, hanging out with open-minded people where the topics of life that often add to the weight of the world are usually off limits – work, kids, family, politics…. I would say religion, but that was OFTEN a topic of conversation. Crazy, I know. Th